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Although our physical office is located in Vero Beach Florida, we have many nonresident patients who rely on our services in a variety of ways.

People from as far away as California to the west and Europe to the east, take advantage of our superb diagnostic skills, dietary information and medical prescriptions.

Diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on the “four examinations”, these are; inquiry, looking, listening/smelling and touching. Of these, the last three were developed during a period of history when the majority of the population was medically illiterate and had difficulty understanding the signs and symptoms of disease or articulating that information to medical professionals.

Today, we still utilize the arts of looking, listening/smelling and touching but because modern people are medically literate (often more so than some of their healthcare providers), we are able to do most of our diagnostics through inquiry, that is, question and answer.

Dietary therapy at its simplest is to “eat a little bit of everything and not too much of anything” with the emphasis on “a little bit and not too much”.

For individuals with a particular physical complaint, we can prescribe foods that will enhance the healing process, retard the development of disease and regulate the digestive and immune system functions. We generally advise adding or omitting certain foods and keep to commonly available foods instead of prescribing esoteric and hard to find items like “Mongolian fish lips” or “fermented hens teeth”.

The majority of complaints that people have that are not musculoskeletal in nature (and even some of those), are remedied with prescription herbal medicines. Once we have arrived at a diagnosis, we can have the proper herbal medicine delivered to your door within one to three days. The nature of Traditional Chinese Medicine is that as people get healthier, their herbal medicine changes. We are able to make those changes seamlessly and continue uninterrupted herbal therapy as you progress to optimum health.

We look forward to your contacting us via email or phone and allowing us to help bring you to your highest and best.

Yours in good health,

Robert Kienitz, DTCM

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