Article: The Three Treasures

The Three Treasures
by Dr. Robert Kienitz, D.Ac., DTCM

Some of the most profound life style changes we can make are to take advantage of “The Three Free Therapies” (say it three times real fast), which the Chinese refer to as San Bao or “The Three Treasures”. These Treasures are inherent in all of us and can be brought forth at any time. You don’t need a map to find them, but you may need a guide, and that is where the staff of Atlantic Acupuncture and Island Wellness Centers can help you.

Treasure One: Take Control of your Food

Take control of the food you eat and the water you drink. We are not talking about going on a diet, you already tried that and, well, we don’t need to go there. Taking control of your food is simply that, you grow it or buy it, you prepare it and you enjoy it. Eat close to the source of your food, fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains and organic protean sources whenever possible. Don’t give control of your food to fast food outlets and prepackaged, preprocessed pseudo foods. If you have concerns over the price of organic foods, remember that those costs are greatly offset by not purchasing the unwholesome, empty calories of fast and processed foods. One of the other keys to controlling your food is intake. “A little bit of everything and not to much of anything” is our mantra when it comes to food. Avoid food preferences and restrictive diets that take the fun and adventure out of eating.

Treasure Two: Move It!

Daily movement is not an exercise program, exercise programs fall under the same heading as “going on a diet.” What we are talking about is; get up and go for a walk, dance, skip, swim…just M-O-V-E IT

Start out with small bits of time and work your way up to at least 20 minutes a day, every day for the rest of your long and healthy life. Vary what you do a few days a week especially if you get bored easily, otherwise stick to a routine and try to move at the same time of day each day, within twenty-one days moving will have become a habit.

Treasure Three: Breath

Daily deep relaxation is not taking a nap, although that might also be a good idea on occasion. Quiet mindfulness can be meditation, receptive prayerfulness, or just sitting and breathing.

The important thing is to stop the continual dialogue your mind wants to have with you about every subject under the sun. To simply sit and focus on the breath is an excellent starting place, but going down to the beach, sitting on the sand and watching the waves with no agenda will also work wonders on your mind and spirit.

Again, you want to start with small bits of time and work your way up to twenty or thirty minutes a day, every day, for the rest of your long and healthy life.

Regardless of your constitution and general state of health, the Three Treasures will enhance your life and over time will help to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, regulate your blood sugars, raise your metabolism, enhance your immune system, relieve stress, help you sleep more soundly, clarify your mind and bring you into closer contact with the divine…AND IT’S ALL FREE!

The Three Treasures are some of the best ways to take charge of your health on all levels and help you to realize that, with this empowerment, you are ultimately accountable for your health. This in turn allows us to help coordinate your ongoing wellness in partnership with you. This is a unique approach to wellness that asks that you be a fully engaged and fully informed participant and allows us to offer you clear lifestyle choices and true medical alternatives for the rest of your long and healthy life.