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Ulcerative Colitis

Almost two years ago I was at a point in my life where no one wants to be. It was a living nightmare at 38 years old to feel like an old crippled man. I would just lay in bed and sob with no hope of relief other than poisoning my body with horrible medicine. A treatment that would have severe side effects, keeping me from doing the things I truly love. I was at a complete loss. There were days I almost could not walk. My joints felt like they were filled with hot water, stiff and painful.
I knew I could only dwell in self pity for so long and I had to try and take control of my life again. I did some research and found comfort in your credentials, and even more comfort after a quick phone call to you.
Doc, there is no telling where I’d be in my life now if it wasn’t for your unbelievable gift. I think about it every single day. On good days I embrace the comfort of how I’ve healed, and on days where I don’t feel so well I embrace the fact that comfort is right around the corner. I thank you and god every day for this.
I didn’t want another day to go by without reaching out and telling you how I’ve been doing, how thankful I am, and how I plan on coming back to see you after the new year. Hope all is well!
– JS

Sebastian FL


Thank you very much Dr. Kienitz for assisting me in my Glaucoma challenges. Dr. T gave me an A+ on my exam yesterday. My eye pressure was even better this time down from a 15 to 12 in both eyes. The photos of my eyes showed no additional damage to my optic nerves or additional growth of cataracts.

I am greatly appreciative of my acupuncture treatments  and all the help and advice you have given me. I continue to follow all of your suggestions.

With lasting gratitude


Pain Management I

“Dr. Robert and Cindy Kienitz are one of the best teams for healing the whole body that I have come across. When I first came to the beach I developed painful plantar fasciitis. Dr. Robert gave me acupuncture treatments which relieved my pain. Cindy suggested I try Reconnective Healing. I was amazed at how this therapy put me in a place of balance physically, emotionally and spiritually. My next acupuncture session was enhanced and I knew it was a direct result of my body’s response to both modalities. I no longer suffer from any pain and will run on the beach with my granddaughter this summer.

Thank you both so much.”

~Mo L.

Stress Management

I have visited Robert Kienitz several times over the last few years. My first visit was to try a session of acupuncture after having read so much about its benefits. I was not in pain but looking to find a bit of stress relief.(Mother of a 2 year old at the time and a recently retired husband!) After one 30 minute pain free session, I remember telling Dr. Robert that the effects were much better than any hour-long massage I have ever had. My whole body felt very relaxed and calm.

I received even better results when I pulled my back out after a long summer weekend at a local restaurant where I am a waitress. I was in so much pain I could not move my upper body. I called Dr. Robert on a Sunday morning because I didn’t know who else to call. He offered to see me in his office that morning. After a session on my back with electro-magnetic stimulation (pain free), I was able to go home and rest the rest of the day, and the next day I felt fine.

~Heidi P.


I became a patient of Dr. Kienitz after a long and frustrating struggle within Western medicine to treat Type II diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and obesity. Every time I visited my GP, the numbers were worse and I left with another prescription. To make matters worse, I kept gaining weight, felt more tired, had more pain and felt like I was aging at a rapid and alarming rate.

I made a determination to challenge my health problems, praying to find a life path to turn things around. I was seeking a healer that would listen and work with me. I had been to an acupuncturist for pain and had good results. However, I didn’t feel the connection I was looking for. One day I went into the local coffee shop, to talk with the people there. It was through our conversation that I found out that Robert Kienitz had an office in Vero Beach, AND, he came highly recommended. I was excited, a little fearful, but determined. I felt that Dr. Kienitz was an answer to my prayer.

I have not been disappointed. When I look back at how I was feeling when I began and how I feel today, I am deeply grateful for all Dr. Kienitz has done for me. I don’t know that much about Chinese medicine, except that I feel 100% better. I am losing weight, feeling more energetic, am more productive. I can’t say enough about the positive results I have experienced. I have recommended Dr. Kienitz to my friends and relatives and will continue to do so.

~Marla S.

Pain Management II

Having had spine surgery, I discovered I also had no cartilage in my left hip and would require a total hip replacement. Needless to say I could not face another surgery in a timely manner; I had to give myself some time. Acupuncture from Dr. Kienitz helped my back to recover more quickly and gave the relief I needed before having my hip replaced one and one half years later. I can only say Thank You,

~Doris O.

Peripheral Neuropathy

I have been a patient of Dr. Kienitz’ for 3 years, I moved to the East Coast from California, very concerned about finding an acupuncturist that could treat my accelerating condition of peripheral neuropathy.

Furthermore, in California, I had been put through a gamut of tests to diagnose my condition. Finally, my Doctor of Neurology stated that all he could offer for my pain was prescriptive pain medication. I refused to accept what western medicine provided.

I was very pleased to find Dr. Kienitz through one of his advertisements. Upon my first treatment I knew I had found a doctor that was very experienced in treating my condition. In fact, very aggressive and knowledgeable!

I have been receiving bi-weekly treatments for my condition in conjunction with a regimen of Chinese herbs. This treatment has stayed the progression of my condition dramatically! And without side-effects!

I owe this all to the experienced and caring treatment of Dr. Robert Kienitz. His vast knowledge in treating many ailments, not just neuropathy, is the reason why I refer him to my friends and family.

Thank you Doctor Kienitz (Robert) for making my life better, healthier and happier!

Very Sincerely,

~ Amber W.


I had been suffering from insomnia for almost ten years and had tried many remedies in search of a full night of uninterrupted sleep. I tried everything from traditional and folk remedies to conventional over the counter and prescription sleeping aids.

No matter what I tried, if it worked at all, it was short-lived. The quantity of sleep I got was always compromised by the poor quality of sleep I was still getting while using these methods. More often than not, I woke up feeling groggy rather than fully rested. I had resolved to sleeping less than I needed to, and quit complaining. Life was tiring, days were a struggle to get through. I stopped even talking about how I felt to anyone, and resolved to accept it, as so many women in their forties are told they must do, as my ‘cross to bear’.

When I went to Robert Kienitz, he surprised me with a diagnosis that was totally unexpected, but made complete sense. Looking back, I realize that the herbs he prescribed worked because they addressed the root cause of the problem, rather than just addressing the symptoms, as all the other remedies had done. Rather than assume that I had to live with it, he assured me that my sleep deprivation was not an inevitable result of hormonal changes but was due to an overall systemic imbalance which was correctable. I took the herbal formula he prescribed and had total success, just as he said. Not only do I continue to sleep soundly, I wake up feeling totally refreshed, and not in the least bit lethargic. Of course my overall health has also improved greatly as a result.

Some healers have a vast amount of knowledge and little attunement to the intuitive side of healing. Others have great intuition and a caring nature, but little knowledge. Robert Kienitz has all of these qualities and offers a great service to anyone who is fortunate enough to discover him. I would recommend him with total confidence, to anyone, but especially to people who suffer from problems that no one else can resolve. He is a great doctor and a highly gifted human being.

~ Elizabeth S.

Woman’s Health

Dr. Kienitz epitomizes the act of listening to the patient, with great patience, during the process of working out a treatment plan. I was able to explain the bits and pieces of my health issues, from the past as well as changes since the last visit, slowly as they came to me at each visit, and Robert’s manner was “all ears”. When I received my treatment plan at each visit after talking at length with him, I truly felt that the treatment was customized for my unique situation. One of the results: my female cycle symptoms are more manageable overall, and I have a custom-blended tea on hand for any sudden trouble days (and it works).”

~ ML


I am a secondary progressive MS patient and am walker dependent. I have tried some of everything including gold injections and bee stings to get relief. I had heard of acupuncture so I decided to give it my best try too. What I noticed was (the best I can describe it is) that my emotional well being felt better. I felt less of the depression that can seem to be a constant of MS and is a side effect of the drug therapy. The physical changes that I noticed was less stiffness and pain of my limbs. Robert Kienitz is a caring practitioner (Thank your for raising him well Cindy LOL). When I am in need, I will certainly again seek his help in this area.

~Sandy N.

Asthma / Allergies

I first started seeing Dr Kienitz about pain in my feet that would not go away…after two visits of 20 minutes each they felt dramatically better! When spring hit and my asthma/allergy thing flared up, as it always does, I called on him again. WOW! I can’t begin to tell you what the combination of herbs and acupuncture did. Western medicine could and should take note! I have also consulted with Dr. Kienitz regarding my sugar addiction — we’re talking five (5) candy bars for lunch. I still have the jones for sugar but it’s much more controlled. I have recommended several of my friends to Dr. Kienitz for different issues, and they both called to thank me for the referral…so I’m a recent convert but I sing his praises to the sky!

~ Andrea M.

Cholesterol Miracle!

When my doctor told me that my cholesterol was dangerously high, I resisted the idea of taking cholesterol medication. I knew the side effects could be terrible; my father had experienced severe muscle weakness from taking Lipitor. A friend of mine recommended that I see Dr. Kienitz before I made a decision about taking medication. I’m so glad I did! He suggested that I take two kinds of Chinese herbs along with a monthly acupuncture treatment. I decided to take the herbs and improve my diet for three months and then have my cholesterol checked again.

When my doctor told me the results of my lab work, she was shocked. My cholesterol had dropped by 50 percent! She said this kind of improvement was unheard of just through changes in diet and exercise. I explained that I was also taking Chinese herbs and getting acupuncture once a month. She wanted to know the herbs’ ingredients and was excited about the positive effects they had on my cholesterol.

I’m thrilled about lowering my cholesterol by using natural Chinese herbs instead of a medication like Lipitor. I feel a lot better, too, and have much more energy than I used to. I highly recommend Dr. Kienitz!

~ Nancy G.

Pain Management III

I am an amputee above the knee on my left leg, From time to time I experience severe spasms that are very painful. I called Robert Kienitz and he said he could help me. After 2 acupuncture treatments the spasm stopped.

~ Jerome B.

Smoking Cessation

Over a period of two years, I have tried several programs to quit smoking. I have even tried to quit cold turkey without success. After one visit with Robert and Cindy Kienitz, I lost the desire to smoke. Wanting to quit was the first step, Acupuncture, and Meditation sealed the deal. I have not felt the need to smoke since.


Pain Management IV

The surgeons all said I had to have surgery on my neck and spine! One fender bender could render me paralyzed! I did not want to be cut open and instead started my search for a non-invasive treatment. After seeing 3 Chiropractors, massage therapists, and numerous Acupuncturists I was referred by a friend to Dr. Kienitz! I walked into his clinic and explained why I was there. He replied, “I can fix you”! I thought he was a little too confident, because not one Practitioner, even the surgeons, claimed to be able to “fix” me. After seeing Dr. Kienitz for a couple of weeks I started to feel some pain relief in my neck and left arm. After a couple of months I was comfortable enough to actually leave the recliner behind and sleep in my own bed. Dr. Kienitz saved me from having surgery and I am eternally grateful!!!!