Tai Chi and Me…

When I was in high school I was not interested in football, baseball or basketball and when my biology teacher, who was also the coach for the school football team, asked me what I was interested in I told him sword fighting sounded pretty cool to me. Since the school did not offer swordsmanship as an elective sport he referred me to a friend of his who was part of a group of men who met regularly to practice sword and shield fighting with homemade armor and weapons. I took to this unusual sport as a duck to water, met with the group three evenings a week for several years for individual and group instruction. The thing I liked most about this strange sport was working out with men who desired from their training, among other things, a chance to manifest their personal “warrior’s code”. These men took me under their wing and tried to groom not only my sword skills but also my blossoming personal ethic.

After high school my interest in the sword led me to the college fencing team and I was advised by the fencing instructor that learning Judo would help me with my centering and stances on the piste or fencing strip. I loved Judo and even though I was in a very light weight class the matches against heavier opponents did teach me the value of very low stances which greatly improved my leg strength and my fencing form.

Immediately after college I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Hui Chen. Dr. Chen had been a medical herbalist in Taiwan and was an expert in Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong. He held classes at his home and depending on his work schedule we met two to three times per week. After years of tuition Dr. Chen deemed me fit to become an instructor myself and since then I have been teaching Tai Chi and various forms of Qigong at Colleges, Universities, Park and recreation facilities and martial arts centers around the US.

After my time with Dr. Chen I still yearned for the discipline, camaraderie and sport of the so called external martial arts and studied for many years achieving expert ranking in the Chinese arts of Yu Long Gong Fu, Chuan Fa, Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong. I also studied extensively the Japanese arts of Aikido, Judo and Iado (Japanese sword, back to my old friend the sword) and Korean Se Jong Taekwondo with Professor Randy Miskech, one of the greatest martial artists it has ever been my pleasure to know.

Over the forty year span of time from Dr. Chen to Professor Miskech, the matrix that held everything together was the daily practice of Tai Chi and Qigong. As I become older in years and wisdom, I recall the advice of Dr. Chen that as I age I should “put away the hard yang of the external arts in favor of the soft yin of the internal arts so that you can experience the bright yang of the spiritual arts”.

The matrix to the “bright yang” that I offer to you is the Jade Dragon. This is the one system of Qigong that I, as a physician and practitioner, can endorse for just about anybody regardless of his or her medical model. The system is so balanced that in the decades that I have been teaching and prescribing it to patients, I have never once had any negative feedback associated with it. It is also so easy to learn, that it is one of the few Qigong systems that can be taught via DVD. One to one instruction is best, and that goes for the Jade Dragon Qigong as well. But, the Jade Dragon DVD was developed by a doctor for his patients, and as such is quite unique in the realm Qigong DVD instruction.

The same is true of Jade Dragon Tai Chi, another component of the Jade Dragon family of internal martial arts. Both the Tai Chi and Qigong forms are available on the same DVD and were written and produced by myself. I make myself available for questions and critiques of your form via email or video and have had wide success with this manner of teaching.

The DVD and written manual are available for $40.00 which includes shipping and handling. I highly urge you to take advantage of this beautiful Qigong and Tai Chi system and I look forward to assisting in your learning experience.

Yours in Health,

Robert Kienitz, DTCM


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