Restore Essence Herbal Formula


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Restore Essence

Sang Piao Zhuang Nai Wan

60 500mg concentrated (5:1) custom blend capsules

Sang Piao Xiao, Dang Shen Bai Zhu, Long Gu

Dosage 2 pills 1- 2 times per day

Kidney Essence can be thought of as the fundamental substrate or template upon which Yin and Yang processes take place. Without the matrix of essence living processes cannot occur, Yin and Yang cannot interact. Essence has been compared with DNA; it provides the template which determines how living processes occur. Jing is a distilled, refined essence, extracted from some coarser basis. This refined Essence is fluid-like, and thus more Yin than Yang. Insecurity of Kidney Essence has to do with the Kidneys not holding the Kidney fluids, urine, semen, or vaginal fluids.

This formula can be used to treat* such bio-medically defined conditions as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, peri and post menopausal syndrome, frequent urination, enuresis, seminal discharge, brain fatigue, diabetes, neurosis, uterine prolapse, autonomic dystonia, neurasthenia along with disorientation, forgetfulness, exhaustion and lethargy.

*Food and Drug Modernization Act of 1997, allows manufacturers to provide information about off-label uses for drugs without prior FDA approval