Celestial Immortals Herbal Formula


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Zhi Xian Wan

Celestial Immortals Formula

60 500mg capsules

Liver blood-kidney yin vacuity often result in such bio-medically defined conditions as insomnia, peri- and menopausal syndrome*, premature ovarian failure, premature hair, and menorrhagia and other forms of hemorrhage.
Signs & symptoms of liver blood vacuity include Dry, falling, graying hair, Brittle nails, Cramps in the calves at night, Night-blindness and blurred vision. A pale tongue, fine pulse with Signs & symptoms of kidney yin vacuity include: Dizziness, Tinnitus, Dry mouth and throat, Low back and knee soreness and limpness, Nocturia, Night sweats, Hot flashes, dry, red tongue with scanty fur, rapid pulse.

Liver blood-kidney yin and yang vacuity with vacuity heat include signs & symptoms of kidney yang vacuity such as fear of cold, Cold hand and feet, Decreased libido, postpartum depression, post traumatic stress disorder and neurosis Disorientation, frequent attacks of melancholy, frequent crying, inability to control oneself, restless sleep, and night sweats.

Xian Mao Curculigo Rhizome – Yng T
Xian Ling Pi Epimedium Leaf – Yng T
Ba Ji Tian Morinda Root – Yng T
Zhi Mu Anemarrhena Rhizome – Clr Ht Prg Fr
Huang Bai Phellodendron Bark – Clr Ht Drn Dmp
Dang Gui Angelica Dang Gui – TVL
Ze Xie Alisma Rhizome – Drn Dmp
Long Gu Dragon Bone – Astg Clm Shn
Mu Li Oyster Shell – Clm Shn
Nu Zhen Zi Ligusticum – Yin T
Han Lian Cao Eclipticae – Yin T
Huai Xiao Mai Wheat Berries – Nrsh HT Clm Shn
Da Zao Jujube – Qi T
Zhi Gan Cao Licorice (baked) – Qi T

*Food and Drug Modernization Act of 1997, allows manufacturers to provide information about off-label uses for drugs without prior FDA approval