Fatigue, Qi vacuity and Chinese Medicine

In the traditional Chinese medical paradigm we see that many diseases can be caused by one of two malfunctions in our bio systems. Either there is an imbalance between the needs and the availability of substances that nourish that organ and tissue or there is an obstruction to the delivery of those nourishing substances.

If there is an obstacle to the delivery of nutrient, herbal and acupuncture therapies can be used to break through whatever is causing the blockage while simultaneously nourishing that which is deficient. If there is a simple a lack of available nutrient and nourishment, herbal tonics can be used to supplement and restore the function of the organs and tissues.

Fatigue is always due to either obstruction of needed substances or their unavailability and can usually be treated quite easily with Chinese herbal tonics and acupuncture.

Fatigue is a Qi (bio energy) and or blood vacuity. Qi and blood have a mutually dependent relationship, blood cannot move without Qi and Qi cannot be formed without blood.

The most important signs of Qi vacuity are fatigue, weakness, low voice, shortness of breath and spontaneous perspiration. Depending on the origin of the fatigue there will be other signs that help guide us to the correct medicines and acupuncture for treatment. For instance, if the lung Qi is deficient there will be more marked shortness of breath along with wheezing, cough, sputum and thirst. If the heart Qi is vacuous there will be palpitations and irregular heartbeat, anxiety and depression because the Qi and blood are unable to nourish the mind. If the digestive qi is deficient there is decreased appetite, loose stools, anorexia or weight gain. If the kidney Qi is vacuous there may be low back pain, weak legs and impotence in men and irregularities in the cycles of women.

Because Qi is a yang substance, its nature is movement and warmth. If there are signs of cold like cold limbs and aversion to cold, easily chilled and a desire for hot foods and warm drinks a more profound Qi deficiency is indicated.

All foods build blood but there are few foods, by themselves that directly build Qi. Here at Atlantic Institute, we have developed Strength & Stamina as a tonic that nourishes essence, promotes digestive functions, nourishes blood, protects the liver, enhances blood circulation, and calms the mind.

Strength & Stamina is used for invigorating all organ functions and enhancing strength and endurance. Strength & Stamina is an adaptogen and research on the herbal medicines in this formula show that Strength & Stamina; decreases stress levels, adrenal hypertrophy, and vitamin C depletion. Improves swimming time to exhaustion and increases stamina.

Strength & Stamina enhances immune system function, protects the brain, Increases bone density and strength. Protects the liver Increases levels of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain (tied to mood and energy levels)

Elite runners given the key ingredients in Strength & Stamina finished their 10-kilometer race in 45 minutes, versus 52.6 minutes in the placebo groups. Anyone who takes part in running knows that this is a huge improvement.

In elite cyclists, a similarly profound effect was observed: 23.3% increase in total work performed and a 16.3% increase in time to exhaustion. This means the athletes not only worked longer but harder as well.

In elite skiers, the ingredients in Strength & Stamina improved tolerance to lower oxygen levels and enhanced adaptations to exercise.

The trend here is simple: studies were conducted in highly active, well-trained persons, and the ingredients in Strength & Stamina consistently exemplified a profound ergogenic, performance-enhancing effect.

In otherwise healthy persons, Strength & Stamina reduced the changes in heart rate and blood pressure associated with states of chronic stress. In patients with chronic fatigue, the ingredients in Strength & Stamina were found effective not only in reducing fatigue, but also in improving quality of life. In elderly subjects, Strength & Stamina improved cognitive function, social functioning, and quality of life.

The ingredients in Strength & Stamina have been shown to; increases strength, flexibility and bone density, lower resting heart rate, stabilize blood pressure, reduce LDL cholesterol, and improves microcirculation, peristalsis, decrease stress response while showing marked improvements in memory and concentration.

Strength & Stamina is only available through our online store.

Yours in good health,

Robert Kienitz, DTCM

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