Article: The Wisdom of Earth Centered Traditions

The Wisdom of Earth Centered Traditions
by Dr. Robert Kienitz, D.Ac., DTCM

What is the wisdom of Earth Centered Traditions?

Coming from a multitude of locations and a diversity of cultures, the Earth Centered Traditions underlie all religion.

These traditions have much more in common than not, the prayers, rituals and rites of these traditions may vary from one to the other, but their world views are remarkably similar.

Earth Centered Traditions teach us that the earth is a microcosm of the Universe and that humankind is a microcosm of the Earth.

From the monolithic structures of Newgrange and Stonehenge in Europe to the Temples to the Sun and Moon in Central America to the Hall of Supreme Harmony in China, the people of ancient Earth Centered Traditions built observatories to achieve a greater understanding of the relationship between the cycles of the Universe, the Earth and humankind.

These traditions instruct us on the unity of man and nature, and the unity of things that seem in opposition. From them we learn that opposites attract one another, support one another and transform one another.

They teach that to follow the Natural Way brings peace, substance and health to our lives. They teach that to eat, work and sleep according to the seasons will bring forth health, and that ignoring the seasons and cycles will lead to sickness and death.

We are taught reverence for the things of the earth in their every manifestation, for that which is ancient, and for our ancestors.

We are taught that the Universe is sacred, that the Earth is sacred, that we and all that we put our hand to, with reverence, is sacred.

Earth Centered Traditions give us the perspective that humanity is not at the center of the Universe but that humanity should center itself using the Universal Principles of the Natural Way.

In Earth Centered Traditions, an eco-centric world view is favored over an egocentric world view.

Earth Centered Traditions remind us that the Feminine is a divine and powerful principle in the natural universe. That moving away from the Feminine, or ignoring her, results in a world of imbalance and disharmony. Not unlike the world in which we live today.

These traditions teach us that the Earth is the Mother of all things, but, that She is an indifferent Mother. She does not require humanity for her survival, but we certainly need Her for ours.

We are taught the cyclical nature of all things. Change is what nature does, we need not fear change because, even seemingly chaotic movements of nature, are in fact, orderly and predictable on some level.

Mother Earth always seeks a return to balance and harmony. The more out of balance She becomes, the harder the return is on the inhabitants of Her surface, but return to balance She will. For some time now, we have known and ignored the fact that our Mother is ill. She is running a temperature and it is getting worse over time. The prognosis is not good, and although it will not be fatal to Her …

How does this wisdom come to us?

Through the close observation of the natural way, we watch and listen and nature speaks volumes to us. We remember the lessons we are taught and pass them to our children, who in turn watch and listen and over time every person of every generation has the wisdom of the Natural way.

To do this we have to turn off our computer, VCR, telephone, DVD player, pager, cell phone, PDA, I-pod. Turn them all off … and go outside.

We need to experience the natural world on a daily basis for this wisdom to come to us.

The Earth Centered Traditions have been able to come to the Wisdom of the Natural way because the people of those traditions live very simple lives.

Living simply expands time to the same degree that living in complexity shrinks and consumes time.

Living life in expanded time provides the opportunity for observation and emulation of the Natural Way.

Living in expanded time provides the opportunity for re-integration and reflection … reflection leads to the Wisdom of the Natural, Integral Way.

Most Earth Centered Traditions leave no written record of their wisdom, it is usually passed from generation to generation via oral tradition.

Lack of written record does not reflect a lack of ability to write, for people living naturally and simply, in expanded time, the textbooks for this wisdom are all around them.

This same wisdom is available to us, we can become re-integrated with the Natural Way.

All we have to do is go outside of our homes and our selves, watch and listen, become eco-centric rather than ego-centric.