The wayfarer crossed the land searching for people who have lived beyond one hundred years. Those he found to be most vigorous were asked the key to their venerable age.

The first, twisting his long white beard said, “I neither drink alcohol nor smoke any substance”.

The second elder, smiling, replied, “I take a good hike after my meals”.

The third, nodding her wizened head answered, “I have always consumed little food and rarely eat meat”.

The fourth, with her staff in hand replied, “Instead of riding, I have always walked wherever I go”.

Elder number five, straightening his sleeves said, “I myself have always kept a garden for the labor of my body and peace of mind”.

The sixth ancient one, wearing a yin yang t-shirt, replied,”I practice Tai Chi and Qigong every morning”.

The seventh, rubbing his big nose, said. “I leave the windows of my home open to allow the fresh air in”.

Number eight, with a twinkle in her eye whispered, I retire early and rise early as the seasons allow”.

The ninth senior, caressing her tanned cheeks said, “I sunbathe every day that is not cloudy to nourish my skin and bones”.

The tenth of them responded with a chuckle and a smile, “I always keep myself free from worries”.

So the secrets of these people, who together have lived for over a thousand years, will surely guide us all to long and happy lives.

Yours in good health,

Robert Kienitz, DTCM

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