Prof K Custom Formula

Prof K Custom Formula
Prof K Custom Formula

Prof K Custom Formula

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Prof K

Custom Compounded Formulas
500mg concentrated (5:1) custom blend capsules

Our Earth-Wind Botanicals line of formulas include herbal medicines that I custom create for my patients, I label those custom formulations ‘Prof K’.

Whether I see you in person or we utilize telemedicine I can ascertain your botanical needs and custom compound a formula to fit your specific health requirements. 

Our facility is certified by the National Certification Council for Acupuncture
and Oriental Medicine, the National Herbal Products Association and NSF Good Product Manufacturing Standards in Chinese Pharmacology/Herbal Medicine Compounding Safety and we guarantee that all of our compounded formulas are made with pharmaceutical quality organically grown concentrated herbal medicines.

You can visit our Store to see the Earth-Wind Botanicals line up and if you are interested in a custom compounded formula contact me and we can set up an in person or telemedicine appointment.